Hello my Svensters! I know you missed me, and I apologise for my long absence but I needed to get some new inspiration for you all

I am still thoroughly devoted to the SkiActiv diet (no cheese though, its too cheesy, remember) and I have to say I looked amazing strutting down the beach with my #swag. I even got pictures for you to fangurl over


I know, I know. You don’t even need to compliment me, I know I look hot

SO big news…there is going to be a Sven musical, titled SVENSATIONAL. It’s going to be a jazz musical and you all have to come and see it

some of the songs include 

-Frida Svensson

-The inedible canteen cheesecake (this song is a bit emotional)

-Don’t Put Up With Bloating

and my personal favourite 



Seriously you should all come and see it I promise you will be awed by the svensationalness and jazzzzz


So glad I’m back love all of you especially Beatrice and Kevin Cullen


gossip sven



me looking smokin’

So I made an AdventureQuest account today! I was so surprised when the username “sven likes skiactiv” was available. i mean, what are the chances??

and also major exciting news, on thursday i should have some VERY EMOTIONAL AND DEEPLY HEARTWRENCHING poetry for you all, mainly about me 🙂 so look forward to that, i know you all care so much

ilyz bebs xoooooooxxxxxxxoooooo

see how much i love you guys? ilyz x


gossip sven