My Interview With Mel B, The Cheesiest Wee Lass Around

Haven’t been on in a while, been busy with ma life and stuff. Went to Adelaide to see Fred. HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. LEIK I THOUGHT HE WAS GAY OMG

Anyway as consolation I got to interview the one and only MEL B. We talked about babies, cheese, x factor, me, me, me, me. And because I am so lovely I have put the interview below. 


Me (SVEN!): HAI MEL! Seriously, ILYZ A TRILLYZ!!! How are you?

Mel (B!): Hey Svun, I lov ya, ya soh bewtiful, suriously! Its suuch a plashur to meet you at lust.

Me: Thank youu! So I have some questions, how do you get such an amazayn figure? You’ve had like a million kids or something and you’re so fit! I generally row to get in shape, but whats your secret?

Mel: Oh I’m soh glud yew asked me tha. After I hud ma bebe, I just hud all this wayt I cudn’t git rid of! So I joined Jenny Craig! She told me, dooon’t eat cheese. Its just too cheeseh. That’s ma real secret. So yar.

Me: Omg no cheese, how did I not think of that? Jokes, I totes did bebs. So you’re on the X Factor, have you met One Direction? And why didn’t you do Gangnam Style?

Mel: Yah, they told meh a secret…they’re all girls in disguise. Don’t trust pop star boys, seriously! Gangnam style is not on ma contract, I’m not doin it bebs. 

Me: Amazayn. Um, soz, g2g, ma phone’s ringing.

Mel: That’s not a phone, that’s just your hand.


I’m beautiful ❤ But guys, get in shape for summer: STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEESE. Kk?

And lastly, I’m obsessed with Scotland, so each blog will contain a new Scottish phrase.



Meaning: You are a little nuisance.

Be sure to use it in every day conversations bebs.


Ma blog is a SVEN out of ten. 


gossip sven


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