I don’t know if it’s just me but…I hate mixtapes…
If you don’t have a kilt, you can just buy a really ugly skirt šŸ˜€


Hello again my lovelies!

Felt liek doing some more typing todaiā€¦

Now that I think about it my day was pretty boring, exceptĀ forĀ the part when I went do a music store and saw THISImage


I dont think Iā€™ve told you guys before but GRRRRRR Mixtapes make me MADDDDD

You know why?Ā BecauseĀ every time I try to put them into ipod it just wont fit! Drives me crazy ;_;

Somebody tell me where I went wrong!

Damn it, Iā€™m fed up againā€¦time to go get my comfort food- and Svenā€™sĀ favorite food- Skiactiv Pro~

Ā Itā€™s so delicious, but I hear Svenā€™s cat dies from it. Poor guy </3

Alright, Kevin Cullen is out! ā¤


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