ohmygod thankyouuu so much. ily all my fans but you and kevin cullen…omg its just lak so much ilyzz ❤

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Can you guys see what I see!!!
svendoesntputwithbloating commented on my blog! On MY BLOG!!!!
I think I might just pass out!
Sven Svensson, is a amazing Swedish rower/ fruit picker who is just such a inspiration person.
Everything, from is outrage at the world bloating issue, to his courage to push through his rowing troubles is just so inspiring! It just makes me want to cry!!!
And I think that Sven could help so many people in the world, if more people just knew a little bit about how amazing and selfless he is!!!!
Anyway if you love Sven, just as much as I love Sven, please, comment on my blog and tell me all about it as I would love to hear from you!
Also if this isn’t enough for you, make sure you check out his site at Svendoesntputwithbloating.wordpress.com and svenslappedafish. WordPress.com
To beautiful sites, about…

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