Goodbyes and Raspberry Pies

Heyy guys, I have a couple of news ITEMS you will surely be fascinated by 

So the other day I kind of hugged a random child who didn’t know who i was and was slightly scared…i apologise, but it was a dare, and otherwise one of my two number one fans would never comment on my blog again! we can’t have that. so anyway just wanted to say sozloz to that guy.

In other news, Rowena has left for EUROPE. I hope he reads this and knows that if he runs off with a French girl we will bash him. you get? 

And also this weekend its FREE SOFTWARE DAY!! OMG I’m SAH EXCiTED. gonna have a party with ma computer, it gon be hecticcc.

in case you didn’t know, free software day celebrates free software (free as in freedom, not as in actually free software. you don’t actually get free stuff either. so overall its pretty shit.) 

this is a raspberry pi. you can’t eat it. well you could try but you might probably die. 




you can eat this sort of raspberry pie. nomnomnomnom. 

ILYZ GUIZ, have lots of SOFTWARE PARTAYS and be svensational. 

also just want to say ILYZ YOU ARE BOTH FREAKIN AMAZING AND YOU KNOW ITS TIME TO ROCK to islappedsvensfish and svensnumber1fan

check out their blogs, they are both beautiful ❤ luvchuu guys xxx

ileh bebs


gossip sven


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