Hey bitchezz so i have some poems for you coz yolo 😀

This is the original Sven poem:

Sven Sven

Sven Sven Sven
Sven Sven Sven Sven (X 100)
Frida Svensson
Sven Sven Sven
Be proactiv, eat SKIACTIV

The next poem is also about YOURS TRULY. Well, all of them kind of are. But you love me ❤

A misunderstood soul
A person of undetermined gender
He rows on
Going nowhere
A lonely traveller
A fruit picker
He has but a single contact lens
and in his left eye
Twenty-Twenty Vision

Very emotional, I cry every time :’) The next poem was written by the lovely An ❤ Ilyz a trillyz gurrlll ❤ 

Long dangly arms
Yet to row
And type on his blog
He knows he’s hot

Well I will admit to that 😉 The final poem is by the amazing Isobel ❤ Lovechuuu bebs xx

Loves in life
They come and go
Some French and some we don’t know
The dressers that cross
And the pickers that pick
Are confused and undecided

The dressers that cross and the pickers that pick…so me ❤

anywayzz i love you all you’re amazing and ilyz

BYE xxxxxxxxx


gossip sven


dayum 😉


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