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Editor’s Letter
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Hello my Svensters! I know you missed me, and I apologise for my long absence but I needed to get some new inspiration for you all

I am still thoroughly devoted to the SkiActiv diet (no cheese though, its too cheesy, remember) and I have to say I looked amazing strutting down the beach with my #swag. I even got pictures for you to fangurl over


I know, I know. You don’t even need to compliment me, I know I look hot

SO big news…there is going to be a Sven musical, titled SVENSATIONAL. It’s going to be a jazz musical and you all have to come and see it

some of the songs include 

-Frida Svensson

-The inedible canteen cheesecake (this song is a bit emotional)

-Don’t Put Up With Bloating

and my personal favourite 



Seriously you should all come and see it I promise you will be awed by the svensationalness and jazzzzz


So glad I’m back love all of you especially Beatrice and Kevin Cullen


gossip sven


My Interview With Mel B, The Cheesiest Wee Lass Around

Haven’t been on in a while, been busy with ma life and stuff. Went to Adelaide to see Fred. HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. LEIK I THOUGHT HE WAS GAY OMG

Anyway as consolation I got to interview the one and only MEL B. We talked about babies, cheese, x factor, me, me, me, me. And because I am so lovely I have put the interview below. 


Me (SVEN!): HAI MEL! Seriously, ILYZ A TRILLYZ!!! How are you?

Mel (B!): Hey Svun, I lov ya, ya soh bewtiful, suriously! Its suuch a plashur to meet you at lust.

Me: Thank youu! So I have some questions, how do you get such an amazayn figure? You’ve had like a million kids or something and you’re so fit! I generally row to get in shape, but whats your secret?

Mel: Oh I’m soh glud yew asked me tha. After I hud ma bebe, I just hud all this wayt I cudn’t git rid of! So I joined Jenny Craig! She told me, dooon’t eat cheese. Its just too cheeseh. That’s ma real secret. So yar.

Me: Omg no cheese, how did I not think of that? Jokes, I totes did bebs. So you’re on the X Factor, have you met One Direction? And why didn’t you do Gangnam Style?

Mel: Yah, they told meh a secret…they’re all girls in disguise. Don’t trust pop star boys, seriously! Gangnam style is not on ma contract, I’m not doin it bebs. 

Me: Amazayn. Um, soz, g2g, ma phone’s ringing.

Mel: That’s not a phone, that’s just your hand.


I’m beautiful ❤ But guys, get in shape for summer: STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEESE. Kk?

And lastly, I’m obsessed with Scotland, so each blog will contain a new Scottish phrase.



Meaning: You are a little nuisance.

Be sure to use it in every day conversations bebs.


Ma blog is a SVEN out of ten. 


gossip sven

I don’t know if it’s just me but…I hate mixtapes…
If you don’t have a kilt, you can just buy a really ugly skirt 😀


Hello again my lovelies!

Felt liek doing some more typing todai…

Now that I think about it my day was pretty boring, except for the part when I went do a music store and saw THISImage


I dont think I’ve told you guys before but GRRRRRR Mixtapes make me MADDDDD

You know why? Because every time I try to put them into ipod it just wont fit! Drives me crazy ;_;

Somebody tell me where I went wrong!

Damn it, I’m fed up again…time to go get my comfort food- and Sven’s favorite food- Skiactiv Pro~

 It’s so delicious, but I hear Sven’s cat dies from it. Poor guy </3

Alright, Kevin Cullen is out! ❤


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ohmygod thankyouuu so much. ily all my fans but you and kevin cullen…omg its just lak so much ilyzz ❤

svensnumberonefan's Blog

Can you guys see what I see!!!
svendoesntputwithbloating commented on my blog! On MY BLOG!!!!
I think I might just pass out!
Sven Svensson, is a amazing Swedish rower/ fruit picker who is just such a inspiration person.
Everything, from is outrage at the world bloating issue, to his courage to push through his rowing troubles is just so inspiring! It just makes me want to cry!!!
And I think that Sven could help so many people in the world, if more people just knew a little bit about how amazing and selfless he is!!!!
Anyway if you love Sven, just as much as I love Sven, please, comment on my blog and tell me all about it as I would love to hear from you!
Also if this isn’t enough for you, make sure you check out his site at Svendoesntputwithbloating.wordpress.com and svenslappedafish. WordPress.com
To beautiful sites, about…

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So, ma usual fan club and some randoms were chilling (dancing lak pros and kind of jumping) in this elevator and then suddenly it gets stuck (maybe coz of the jumping). so then me and my bitches were waiting for half an hour in this lift just thinking “dafuq??” so they finally get us out, and offer us counselling and chocolate. i was pretty traumatised so maybe i will take up the counselling. anyway i got a song for you guys…goes lak:







and alsoo






Ilyz guys

huberta and kevin cullen are amazing ❤


gossip sven

Goodbyes and Raspberry Pies

Heyy guys, I have a couple of news ITEMS you will surely be fascinated by 

So the other day I kind of hugged a random child who didn’t know who i was and was slightly scared…i apologise, but it was a dare, and otherwise one of my two number one fans would never comment on my blog again! we can’t have that. so anyway just wanted to say sozloz to that guy.

In other news, Rowena has left for EUROPE. I hope he reads this and knows that if he runs off with a French girl we will bash him. you get? 

And also this weekend its FREE SOFTWARE DAY!! OMG I’m SAH EXCiTED. gonna have a party with ma computer, it gon be hecticcc.

in case you didn’t know, free software day celebrates free software (free as in freedom, not as in actually free software. you don’t actually get free stuff either. so overall its pretty shit.) 

this is a raspberry pi. you can’t eat it. well you could try but you might probably die. 




you can eat this sort of raspberry pie. nomnomnomnom. 

ILYZ GUIZ, have lots of SOFTWARE PARTAYS and be svensational. 

also just want to say ILYZ YOU ARE BOTH FREAKIN AMAZING AND YOU KNOW ITS TIME TO ROCK to islappedsvensfish and svensnumber1fan

check out their blogs, they are both beautiful ❤ luvchuu guys xxx

ileh bebs


gossip sven


Hey bitchezz so i have some poems for you coz yolo 😀

This is the original Sven poem:

Sven Sven

Sven Sven Sven
Sven Sven Sven Sven (X 100)
Frida Svensson
Sven Sven Sven
Be proactiv, eat SKIACTIV

The next poem is also about YOURS TRULY. Well, all of them kind of are. But you love me ❤

A misunderstood soul
A person of undetermined gender
He rows on
Going nowhere
A lonely traveller
A fruit picker
He has but a single contact lens
and in his left eye
Twenty-Twenty Vision

Very emotional, I cry every time :’) The next poem was written by the lovely An ❤ Ilyz a trillyz gurrlll ❤ 

Long dangly arms
Yet to row
And type on his blog
He knows he’s hot

Well I will admit to that 😉 The final poem is by the amazing Isobel ❤ Lovechuuu bebs xx

Loves in life
They come and go
Some French and some we don’t know
The dressers that cross
And the pickers that pick
Are confused and undecided

The dressers that cross and the pickers that pick…so me ❤

anywayzz i love you all you’re amazing and ilyz

BYE xxxxxxxxx


gossip sven


dayum 😉


me looking smokin’

So I made an AdventureQuest account today! I was so surprised when the username “sven likes skiactiv” was available. i mean, what are the chances??

and also major exciting news, on thursday i should have some VERY EMOTIONAL AND DEEPLY HEARTWRENCHING poetry for you all, mainly about me 🙂 so look forward to that, i know you all care so much

ilyz bebs xoooooooxxxxxxxoooooo

see how much i love you guys? ilyz x


gossip sven



Just letting you know a few facts about me.

I have one contact lens and the other eye has TWENTY TWENTY VISION

I have a rash, but am getting treatment for it

I need to lose 3 pounds. My doctor says I’m overweight.

I am a fruit picker

I am hot

Call me maybe 😉

PS I just got a new girlfriend, Svenina ❤ Ilss a trills bebs

what have i done, my swedish sven, everyone I know, goes away in the end

buffalo soldier in the heart of america :))Image

lovechu byee xoxxo